Terms and Conditions of Use of Regalister Service

  1. what is Regalister?

    Regalister is a ever-changing Service: Regalister creators and staff like to think that its User (you) will be able to discover Regalister features simply by using the Service. The individual services offered by Regalister are described on the site, by their own name. The user, with those services, has the right to upload Content on Regalister website. By doing so, the User is agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.

  2. definitions

    For the purpose of this agreement, the following definitions are hereby provided:

    • Regalister: regalister.com web site and / or its service, its creator and the people connected to it, and the service provider, as appropriate;
    • User: a private individual who wishes to upload content via Regalister, excluded advertising material;
    • Third parties: other parties beside Regalister and the User;
    • Service: The collection of individual services offered by Regalister, generically described in the preceding point;
    • Content: All materials (images and videos included) uploadable on Regalister;
    • Terms: the Terms and Conditions of Use Regalister, legally binding, whose acceptance is a condition of your use of the Service.
  3. free service

    The Service provided to you by Regalister landing page is free; the service provider has the right to enter into separate agreements with third parties for purposes other than those regarding the Content uploaded by users or loaded under these Terms.

  4. rights on the content

    By using this Service, the User claims to have the right to disclose and use the Contents uploaded to Regalister, included the images of people or things represented in the images or videos or in whatever has ben uploaded. The User who wishes to make public the authorship of the Content can do so by entering its own name and other identifying informations in the uploaded content metadata or by indicating, otherwise, in the uploaded work, its name. The User agrees that Regalister can reuse or otherwise act in any way on the uploaded Content.

  5. User obligations

    Also, by using Regalister Service, the User:

    1. agrees to upload Contents related exclusively to goods that has been or can be given as a gift;
    2. agrees to charge only Content without advertising purpose;
    3. undertakes, furthermore, to refrain from acts illegal under the laws of its or other nations;
    4. undertakes not to upload content unsuitable or likely to offend the sensibilities of other Users or Third parties, or infringing their rights; or to post messages or metadata in the uploaded file itself, unsuitable or offensive or infringing the rights of other Users or Third parties;
    5. agrees not to upload Content including sensitive or judicial data (as defined in Italian Code for the protection of personal information - D.Lgs 196/2003: please see Regalister privacy policy);
    6. agrees that Regalister may disclose the e-mail used for uploading the Contents upon receipt by Regalister of a justified complaint related to the uploaded Content, or if it's alleged the infringement of Third parties rights;
    7. in such cases, binds itself to compensate the legitimate Third parties claims, and to relieve Regalister of any responsibility and / or Third parties request;
    8. agrees that the service provider will respond only for damages resulting from willful misconduct or gross negligence, for the maximum amount of 50,00 Euros;
    9. binds itself not to ask such damages to the creator of the idea and the author of Regalister software;
  6. applicable law and jurisdiction

    The User, using the Service, accepts the jurisdiction of the Italian state and that the present Terms are governed by Italian law. All disputes regarding the present Terms and Regalister Service shall be exclusively decided by the Italian court of Turin.

  7. changes to the present terms

    Regalister reserves the right to make changes to the present Terms at any time. The User will be given notice of the changes by publication of the new terms on Regalister website.

  8. informations to Third parties

    The service provided by Regalister is the mere provision of a web space for content uploaded by users. Regalister, its creator or persons connected with it the service provider are not responsible for the information stored on the web page of Regalister by users. Regalister undertakes, upon request of the competent authorities, to remove the offensive or infringing Content, removing access to such Content.

  9. copyright notice

    The website Regalister, its interface and its content, unless stated otherwise, are property of B.I.M. Srl, an Italian one-man company. The products covered by the loaded Content, the relative shapes, patterns, trademarks, and anything protected by law, are the property of their respective owners. The logo of Facebook and Twitter and its services are property of their respective owners. Regalister is in no way associated with the owners or creators of what above.

  10. privacy

    These Terms are complemented by the privacy policy found on this same website: by accepting these Terms, or by using Regalister Service, the User also accept Regalister privacy policy.